6 Best Strategies for LinkedIn Marketing to Upscale Your Business

Thanks to the internet, we are more connected than ever, and for B2B marketers, there’s a little downside to that. A small world means an ever-shrinking window to the already indefinite lead generation process.

And LinkedIn is the answer to finding new ways to generate leads.

While we all know social media platforms are literally gold mines for B2B lead generation, there is a lot more to simply posting content and keeping your fingers-crossed.

LinkedIn has over one billion users and 67 million registered companies. It is a hotspot for businesses to attract target audiences and drive business leads. All you need is a proven strategy to find your audience.

That’s what we will share with you today.

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. Marketing here means promoting and advertising your business to other businesses (B2B).

You can do this in a variety of ways like creating and sharing content, networking with other professionals in your industry, joining industry/niche-specific groups and communities, using paid advertising, etc.

6 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Upscale Your Business

1. Improve Your Profile

There are over two million freelancers on LinkedIn. It takes a little effort to be able to stand out, and that starts with presenting the best personal profile front. Keep your profile clear, brief, and snappy.

In the “About” section, you highlight what you do, your specialization, brands you have worked with, and an Intro that states why your potential clients should work with you. Here are some more tips:

  • Showcase your work.
  • Improve your profile.
  • Showcase your results, achievements, etc.
  • Post recommendations like client testimonials.
  • Use attention-grabbing Images.
  • Engage and Network.

2. Build Your Company Page

If your business is not on LinkedIn, you are missing out on one billion potential leads across the globe. You can harness this opportunity by the simple act of creating a company page, for free.

Simply enter some basic information about your company like company website, name, industry, etc. Now take this up a notch by adding a personalized URL.

Lastly, write a catchy tagline (if you don’t already have one) that sums up what your brand is all about.

Here are some additional LinkedIn best practices you can follow:

  • Present a full profile page. LinkedIn gives 30% more visibility to complete profiles.
  • Add a business logo. Use Canva or any design software.
  • Use relevant terms and phrases in your company overview.
  • Add details like company URL, size, sector, location, etc.
  • Wrap up with a good CTA that aligns with your company goals.
  • Track LinkedIn analytics.

3. Have a Good Content Strategy

According to LinkedIn, it takes an average of ten pieces of content to be able to get one conversion. There are two rules to this:

  1. Post regularly: Posting regularly doesn’t mean every day. It just means always posting new content on a specific day or time. This way, your audience will come to expect it.
  2. Post with intention: Post content that you know your target audience will like. This will give you traction and attract more leads.
  3. Experiment with different content types: Keep things fresh by sharing different types of content to attract different types of audiences. Consider this – there are thousands of millennials on LinkedIn, and they favour visual content like infographics and videos.
  4. Other content types include eBooks, templates, white papers, etc. Give them away for free, and watch your list grow rapidly.
  5. Maintain consistency: You need to show up regularly if you want to build an audience. If that’s not possible, you can repurpose content by converting old blog posts into short video clips, snappy LinkedIn posts, infographics, etc.
  6. Utilize hashtags and mentions: Add hashtags to your articles, comments, posts, company page, and profile. This will boost your visibility and catapult you to success.

By increasing your visibility like this, you increase your chances of your posts going viral.

4. Market in LinkedIn Groups

Whether you want to network for your business or are just looking to share your expertise to establish yourself as a thought leader, LinkedIn groups are your go-to.

There are millions of business groups on the platform and you can join as many as 100 groups. These are great communities to share ideas, connect, and just stay on the loop.

Besides chatting and brainstorming with other experts in your industry, you also get insights into what your target customers want and what they are dealing with. This will give you enough knowledge to make offerings that they will love.

5. Strategies for LinkedIn Advertising

If you have the budget, paid LinkedIn advertising can give you as much as 2-5 ROAS. With LinkedIn paid ads, you will get video, text, and dynamic ads to elevate your marketing game.

  • Video ads: They follow your leads through every step of their purchasing journey.
  • Text ads: These are pay-per-click ads. You can set a budget limit, and post different CTA options like “Download”, “Subscribe”, and “Request Demo”.
  • Dynamic ads: These are follower ads that promotes your spotlight ads and LinkedIn page that focus on service, products, event, etc., in order to increase the traffic to your landing page.

6. Encourage Coworkers to Engage with Your Content

Your colleagues and employees are the most trusted people to help you with your LinkedIn marketing. When done right, they will tremendously enhance your content and boost the visibility of your company’s page on the platform. Ask them to actively interact with your content and share it within their networks.


With the right strategy, LinkedIn can be a great complementary tool for your lead generation. If you are new to this, start by creating a good company page and share your website link. Once you have set this up, share valuable content regularly. Then, network with individuals and groups in your industry and join their groups or make your own.

If you are a premium member, use InMail to connect with prospects. And don’t forget to follow the LinkedIn marketing blog to stay in the loop.

These five LinkedIn marketing strategies should help you build a sound strategy for your company. Remember to always keep track of your progress to make sure you are on the right track.

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