9 Latest Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2024 

Social media marketing is not for the faint of heart.

It all started with the unannounced algorithm overhaul a few years back. As of date, we are constantly witnessing massive changes in consumer habits, user behaviour, and an onset of new generation of users and buyers with individual needs.

This is why it is crucial to keep up with the latest trends.

In this article, we talk about current trends on different social media platforms based on data shared by social media experts and input from the social space.

9 Social Media Trends in 2024 to Keep You One Step Ahead

1. Long-Form Video

We all know short-form video has been one of the most preferred ways for brands to connect with their audience. It has been and will continue to be one of the most engaging in-feed content for a while.

But we are also witnessing a resurgence of long-form videos.

TikTok, the king of short-form videos, has started uploading 30-minute videos. It has even introduced horizontal videos in the style of YouTube.

According to the platform’s report, users are now easing into minute-long videos.

While you still can’t ditch short-form video content, it is time to incorporate long-form storytelling into your content strategy.

2. Playful Content

“Edgy” brand personas have taken a back seat, making way for playful content. Brands are now tapping into the meme culture and modifying it in a way that is relevant to their voice.

Take LinkedIn threads, for example. They offer a human voice and touch on a wide variety of topics that are either hilarious and relatable or endearing and inspirational.

Try presenting your brand in a playful manner without compromising your brand’s identity and tone. Experiment with different memes and trends that can adapt to your brand’s content.

3. Social Commerce

We’re talking about trends like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. This is not just a fleeting trend.

Social media commerce will continue to trend in the coming years and therefore it is worth considering when planning your strategy.

TikTok Shop was launched in America in 2023, and they are testing more ways to make this in-app shopping even more accessible. Interactive shopping and live-streaming experiences are only expected to grow in the near future.

4. SEO for Social Media

Did you know, 40% of Gen Z uses TikTok to search for information?

Social media platforms are pretty powerful search engines. This is why it has become important to optimize your content to be easily discoverable both in search and feed.

Make it part of your regular practice to optimize your social media content just as you optimize your copy articles for SEO. Insert the right keywords in your posts and profile with the right hashtags and keywords to ensure maximum discoverability.

5. Transparency in Brands

The new generation audience expects brands to demonstrate transparency in their practices. As a matter of fact, we have seen a visible shift in the recent years.

Back in the day, brands got called out for speaking up. However, a new poll shows that consumers prefer it when their chosen brand speaks out about certain causes that they believe in.

The same index also showed that the second most important thing that consumers don’t see enough on social media is businesses being transparent about their values and practices. Always be open when it comes to your brand, practices and products.

Start with something as simple as behind-the-scenes content for product manufacturing, the people behind your sustainability values or the people who make your products.

6. Authentic and Original Content

Consumers want to see more authentic content from brands. Creator culture has become widely popular over the years, and brands that feature authentic voices from employees and creators are at the top of the game.

It is important for brands to understand that this trend will stick around for a long time. And with the rise of AI, consumers will yearn for that personal aspect even more so.

Continue to tap into creators and work on creating more authentic content. Authenticity will soar this year.

7. Evolving Social Team Structure and Titles

Social media is constantly evolving, and so should your team structure and skills. The rise of new social platforms like ‘Threads’ poses important questions – who should be responsible for the new platform when your team is divided by network?

Social media job descriptions and titles are rapidly evolving. Take the initiative to constantly evaluate your team and identify gaps. This will give you an opportunity to take ownership of your career and take on new roles.

8. Booming Influencer and Creator Economy

Social media still continues to be dominated by creators and influencers. This is the era of authenticity, and consumers are embracing the human voice and authentic content. Their voice across different brands will only grow more important in connecting with consumers.

This is reflected in the continued domination by TikTok which is all about unfiltered, authentic content. Brands will still leverage influencers and creators who can post compelling stories and build a personal connection with the audience.

Continue to develop influencer and creator marketing programs and partnerships for your brand. The authenticity that they bring into your content fosters loyalty and trust among your customers.

9. Personalized Customer Service

Thanks to social media, customer service has grown to a whole new level of personalization. Customers are no longer just content with fast responses. They expect personalized customer service. And companies that don’t prioritize this inevitably fall behind.

Stay updated with the latest customer care trends. Analyze how responsive your service is and what you can do to enhance your efforts.

Integrate with tools like Salesforce and Zendesk to enable social media team members to get more context from interactions with the customers and offer better personalization.


Social media trends over that years have taught us that they can be highly unpredictable. There is no telling when a content format, trending TikTok video, or a new platform will bubble up.

What we can do is analyze the larger picture of social marketing trends and use that data to develop a strategy that will set us up for success. This will give you a solid foundation that will not shake even at the advent of a new algorithm.

For more successful data-backed social media marketing strategies, stay updated with the latest trend forecasts and keep adapting.

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